An Enchanted Castle
For an Enchanted Childhood

For those who believe in make-believe, we offer two different castle beds, one for little knights and one for little princesses. 

Our ‘Dragonslayer Stronghold’ castle theme bed for boys is the perfect focal piece for a castle themed children’s bedroom. Secured to your young squire’s bedroom wall, the drawbridge raises during the day to make space for jousting and fighting dragons and lowers when it’s time to sleep.

Or, discover the ultimate princess bed for the ultimate princess. ‘Penny’s Palace,’ our princess theme bed, was lovingly designed for little girls who believe in magic, fairy tales, and happy endings.

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With a unique design unlike any other on the theme bed market, the counterbalanced bed mattress can be raised and lowered with finger-tip control. The counterbalance is so well designed that, as pictured, the mattress can even ‘float’ half-open on its own.

Our commercial-quality spring mechanism ensures safety and fun, while the hide-a-bed style makes it the perfect solution for anyone without a lot of extra space.

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Each tower features five shelves, allowing for plenty of storage. Integrated levelling feet easily accommodates uneven floors, avoiding wobbles, creaks and gaps.

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Dragonslayer Stronghold: Integrated remote-controlled, low-voltage LED lighting complements each castle as the perfect accent reading lights, while helping to keep your electricity costs low, and avoiding electrical and fire hazards. The realistic flame flicker circuit adds to the medieval feel.

Penny’s Palace: Lights can be set to any colour (including white), dimmed, or use one of four automatic colour rotation patterns.

Remote controlled for ease, our accent lights can be set to any color (including white), dimmed, or use one of four automatic color rotation patterns. Just one of our artistic details on this princess theme bed.

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Non-toxic, VOC-free latex paint is used for most surfaces, with low VOC alkaloid paints used for durability and a smooth finish on wear surfaces that need extra protection. Every surface has an upscale, authentic finish, creating a look and texture unique to Fable Bedworks.

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Drawbridge chains, designed to look authentic, are perfectly safe plastic. They’re designed to ‘break free’ with rough play so they don’t become a hazard, and are easily reset.  Not necessary for raising the drawbridge, they can be disconnected from the bed and retracted into the bed cabinet.

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We thought of every detail in designing the ultimate castle for the ultimate bedroom. Created for little hands and big adventures, we chose details and textures worthy of a child’s imagination.

penny's palace princess bed for girls

Sweet Dreams Await

We only choose materials that are durable and flexible for our theme beds, so they can be bumped, tugged and climbed over for years. These castles inspire the imagination during playtime and are a fun place to fall asleep each night.


We’re parents, too, so we know that safety is always your paramount concern when buying furniture. That’s why we’ve incorporated safety considerations into our children’s beds. For example, all our coatings are durable but non-toxic, and our lighting is low voltage and cool to the touch. There are no snag points on our beds to catch clothing or small hands, and we’ve designed key features that break away, rather than put your child as risk. If you have any more safety concerns, please ask.


All of our kid’s beds are specially designed by our chief designer and lovingly hand-crafted with the best materials. Cast iron, real leather, wood, steel, realistic paint finishes, and authentic accessories all come together to create something unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Kids are kids, so we chose materials that are durable and flexible – our solid construction won’t weaken over time, no matter how rough the play. Also, our beds are designed to hide as many fasteners as possible to preserve the fantasy.


We know you have lots of choices when decorating for your children. And we know you want to create the ultimate bedroom, something to inspire during the day, and encourage the sweetest dreams at night. You’ll love our theme and toddler beds because they’re safe and sturdy, constructed of only the finest materials. Your children will love them because they’re interesting, intriguing and, most importantly, interactive and fun for play. We guarantee – everyone is going to want to have their sleep-overs at your house.


The Castle Beds twin bed size: Width 99.5″, Height 94”, Depth (closed) 28″, Depth (open) 88″.

Shipping Weight: including all crates, approximately 550lbs.

Pricing is $7100USD (Canadian dollars at par) and includes door-to-door ground shipping for Continental US and Canadian residents. White glove delivery may be available. Our beds are enjoyed all around the world – if you require shipping to another country, please call us at 1-.

All of our designer theme bed sections are carefully assembled in our workshop to make sure they fit together properly. Then, they are pulled back apart and packed into custom containers. The sizes of the parts are determined to ensure cost-effective shipping and ease of reassembly at your home. Our castle fantasy beds ship in five boxes (including: left tower, right tower, cabinet vertical panels, main cabinet, mattress box).

Installation can be done by our team, but we have some customers who enjoy the work themselves. Our designer beds are built into finished assemblies that need to be connected in your home, and have been designed to need very few fasteners. We provide written assembly instructions and the necessary tools you’d like to do yourself.

If you require assistance, we will work with you to find a service provider in your area.

Make Their Royal Fantasy
a Reality

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Our beds are handcrafted especially for you, and we’re committed to making buying, shipping and installation easy and seamless for our customers.

Dragonslayer Stronghold, twin size: $7100USD (CAD at par). Free shipping in North America.

Penny’s Palace, twin size: $7400USD (CAD at par). Free shipping in North America.

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Handcrafted in Victoria, Canada
Delighting Children Worldwide

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Please call 1- if you have any questions about a castle bed or any other of our Fable Bedworks products.

Please note, accessories not included. For our complete policies, including term and conditions, please see here.