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All of our bedworks are designed for little hands and big adventures, so we choose details and textures worthy of a child’s imagination. We want things to move and feel interesting and intriguing. We take time to make all our features feel realistic, like the ‘weathered wood’ effect we create using five layers of different paints and tools.

With our child clients in mind, all our materials are durable and flexible. Kids will be kids, and they’ll be able to bump, tug, climb, and spill all over our bedworks ’til their hearts’ content.

And with their parents in mind, our bedworks accommodate all the realities of daily life. Parts can be removed and washed, the beds provide full access to change sheets, and they all offer extra shelves for books and toys. Screws, glue and joinery are used for a solid construction that won’t weaken or loosen over time, like it would with nails. The beds are designed to hide as many fasteners as possible to preserve the fantasy. We use finished edges, and every effort is made is hide or eliminate any characteristics that could detract from the theme and ‘authentic’ feel.

We promise, you’ll love our attention to detail and superior quality. But more than that, you’ll love the endless hours of enjoyment your little one will get, the ultimate childhood you’ll help create.

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Doug Robinson has always been crafting, dreaming and designing. Lovingly overseeing the construction of each designer theme bed, Doug’s vision and fine-tuning assures that each Fable Bedworks creation is solid, beautiful, and sure to delight.

As our primary designer, Doug refined his attention to detail through 20 years spent in operations management roles in manufacturing and technology. He brings his understanding of true quality to his life’s passion – creating timeless pieces that are treasured and inspiring. His boundless imagination, coupled with an intimate knowledge of the practicalities of constructing durable, strong and safe products, is apparent in every theme bed he creates.

Doug discovered his unique passion years ago when he made fantasy beds for his nephews. He remembers, “seeing the look of delight on Wyatt and Bodie’s faces was so deeply rewarding. I want to make kids happy.”

And Doug has a simple strategy when dreaming up his next creation: “I want to build beds that I would have loved as a child! The beds need to do something: close to make a fort, open to reveal secret storage, have a place to put treasures. They all need those fun features that trigger the imagination.”

Our beds are handcrafted especially for you, and we’re committed to making buying, shipping and installation easy and seamless for our customers. Please get in touch to learn more or order your one-of-a-kind theme bed today.

Handcrafted in Victoria, Canada
Delighting Children Worldwide