If you’re a Fable Bedworks fan, then you know that our designer, Doug Robinson, is on a seemingly endless mission to make our kids beds more fun, more useful, and, also key, more environmentally friendly. We believe that making kids beds ‘green’ just makes sense. That’s why we already use non-toxic, low-VOC or VOC-free paint in all our designs. And it’s why we’re delighted to announce we are now switching to PureBond® Hardwood Plywood.

We love PureBond for many reasons. First and foremost, it’s formaldehyde-free. This is critical, because formaldehyde can be toxic, allergenic, and carcinogenic, and has been linked to childhood asthma. It’s nasty stuff that we don’t want in our workshop, and that you definitely don’t want in your child’s bedroom!

PureBond used soy-based technology to create plywood that is safe and environmentally friendly – they’re compliant with the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and satisfy the emissions standards of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Phase 2 regulations. On top of that, all PureBond panels are made in the US and Canada (just like our theme beds, toddler beds, and matching kids bedding sets!).

PureBond is manufactured by Columbia Forest Products, a leader in sustainable forestry practices and innovative manufacturing. It’s so important for our clients to know that they’re making informed choices with their check-books – and we’re committed to always sourcing the absolute best for our theme beds. Because PureBond isn’t just greener, it’s also better. With over 50 million PureBond panels made and shipped, it’s a proven solution. The finish is really quite beautiful, and maintains the same standard you’ve come to expect from Fable Bedworks.

So, we’re happy to report (in time for the holiday season!), that our children’s theme beds are now going to be better than ever, thanks to this great new wood choice. If you’d like to learn more about any of our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, by emailing info@fablebedworks.com.