Theme kids beds designed for little hands and big imaginations.

Make your child’s dream bedroom a reality. From cowboys to castles, Fable Bedworks creates themed beds that are fun and interactive, and yet still inspire sweet dreams at bedtime. Each piece is hand-crafted with the finest materials and designed with safety and quality in mind. Built to withstand the harsh demands of kids with big imaginations, these beds are made to last through years of playdates and sleepovers.

All our children’s beds are specially designed by our chief designer Doug Robinson and lovingly hand-crafted with the best materials. Cast iron, real leather, wood, steel, realistic paint finishes in low-VOC and VOC-free paint, and authentic accessories all come together to create something unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Kids are kids, so we choose durable and flexible materials – our solid construction won’t weaken over time. And Doug has a simple strategy when dreaming up his next creation: “I want to build beds that I would have loved as a child! The beds need to do something special – close to make a fort, open to reveal secret storage, have a place to put treasures. My beds all have those fun features that trigger the imagination.”


Doug Robinson
Chief Designer/Owner

Handcrafted in Victoria, Canada
Shipped and Delighting Children Worldwide

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