Children's theme bed company celebrating New Year's Eve

We hope that you had a magical holiday season with your children, filled with love, relaxation and lots of family time (and, if you’re some of our lucky clients, a new kids’ theme bed!). As we turn our attention to New Year’s Eve, we thought it would be fun to explore some ways to celebrate with children, who are sometimes overlooked on this holiday. With these ideas, it can become a great, kid-friendly way to top-off the holiday, together as a family.

Set the Tone
Sparklers, party hats, confetti and noisemakers – what New Year’s Eve party is complete without them? Whether you invite friends over or are just partying with yourselves, set a festive atmosphere with great decorations. Then, even if you just watch movies and eat popcorn, you’ll feel like you’re doing something special. It can also be fun to gather all your clocks in one spot, to make a big ‘to-do’ of the countdown.

And you don’t need to buy party hats when you can make your own. Children will love wearing their personalized hats all night. See a tutorial here.

Bad Luck Be-Gone
We love this idea from South America. If you have a fireplace or firepit, first have everyone in your family write down a bad habit or bit of bad luck they’d like to disappear in the new year. Together, you can light a fire and ‘burn’ your bad habits. It’s a fun twist on a New Year’s Resolution, and we think it might spark some interesting conversation, too.

Or, Focus on the Future
New Year’s is a great time to introduce your children to how and why to set goals. Spend some time discussing what their New Year’s Resolutions can be (and find some great tips on helping them set appropriate ones here). And there are some fun ways to play with our goal setting. For example, you can make a ‘Wish-Tree,’ having each child write her resolution on a paper star that she can then hang on the tree. Or tape resolutions to helium balloons, and release them all together at midnight.

Last the Night
Of course, children won’t be used to staying up so late, so make sure you have activities planned to keep their interest. Indoor games like charades, musical chairs and duck-duck-goose are old standbys, but get creative, too. For inspiration, this mom planned out an activity and scavenger hunt for each hour of the night.

Of course, you’ll also want to have some fun, kid-friendly finger food on hand. And make sure you have some mini-champagne glasses ready so your little revelers can toast with some apple juice at midnight.

The Countdown is On
Finally, it might be fun to plan out a special way to celebrate the countdown. We especially love the idea of a balloon drop – you can make one out of a drawstring trashbag, or buy them online. Either way, they’ll love the shower of balloons!

At Fable Bedworks, we sincerely wish all our clients, supporters, readers and fans a Happy and Healthy New Year. We’ve worked hard in 2013 to bring you a new spaceship theme bed, as well as many new great accessories and kids bedroom ideas.  And our goal for 2014 is to continue to make the very best kids theme beds on the market, inspiring little minds and creating great memories as we go. Happy New Year.