At Fable Bedworks, we make fun theme beds for kids, because we believe that children’s worlds should be filled with growth – our theme beds inspire imaginative play, which in turn is one of the most important ways children learn about the world and themselves. And that’s the best kind of learning – when children are just having fun being themselves, not realizing they’re doing anything ‘educational’! Keep reading to learn some fun Christmas crafts and activities that will be as stimulating for your children as they are fun and memorable.


Arts and crafts are perfect ways to help children practice their fine motor skills, something we often overlook. Manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination are going to become increasingly important as your child grows. Any kind of activity that forces children to slow down and use their fingers will help – think beading, using tweezers or fingers to pick up little objects, buttons, clothespins, even scissoring if your child is old enough.

This gets fun when Christmas crafts are involved. Lacing a paper snowman  creates a fun friend she can hang in her room, while also helping her practice counting. These homemade Jingle Bells are a fun way to practice fine motor and rhythm skills. Even decorating the tree helps get those tiny fingers working.

Cutting and pasting activities like this Holiday Stocking and Cat Wreath are also great not just for fine motor development, but for helping them learn to follow directions and stay on task, too.

And it’s not just fine motor skills you’ll be improving. Spending time with your children while they craft and encouraging new vocabulary is another great way crafts can help your child grow and mature. Get some tips from a speech pathologist on how you can maximize vocab use while crafting with your children here.


So many warm childhood memories are created when children get to bake with their parents, especially around the holidays. Sure, it’s easier to take an afternoon and bang out as much of your Christmas baking as you can. But it’s so much more fun to slow down and teach your children how to bake with you. Not only will you be helping with fine motor and vocab skills – you’ll also get to practice math, too (even if you just need to figure out what happens when you make 12 cookies and eat 11 of them!).


Of course children have lots to learn, but don’t forget one of our most important tasks as parents is to hand down our values. As soon as he’s able to understand, have him help you select gifts and then wrap them – even if at his age, he can only hand you the tape. He’ll be learning that Christmas is not just about Santa and getting, getting, getting. Share your love of giving with him, and it will certainly rub off.

Please let us know in the comments if you have any favorite holiday traditions with your children. Not every activity with your kids has to be goal-oriented, but with planning, it’s great when an activity is fun, creates memories, and helps aid education and development at the same time. We hope that you’re having a wonderful holiday season and that if you have any questions about our kids theme beds, you won’t hesitate to call us 1-250-896-3684 or email