Bunny celebrating Easter for our theme bedsWe make fabulous children’s theme beds at Fable Bedworks because we’re passionate about helping parents create magical experiences for their children. Childhood is special, and fleeting, and we believe it should be celebrated in fun and memorable ways. We hope you’ll get to spend some extra quality time with your children this Easter weekend, playing, laughing, and eating lots of chocolate! Keep reading for some ideas on making the holiday extra-delightful.

Excellent Eggs

Of course, what’s more fun than decorating Easter eggs? We especially like multi-step, age-appropriate projects like this for children, because they help teach patience, persistence, and team work. You can buy fake eggs to decorate, or, if you don’t mind a mess, have your children blow out the egg yokes by poking small holes in each end – just make sure they’re supervised.

To decorate your eggs, of course dyes and paints are popular, but there’s lots more options. Stickers work for smaller children, glitter and ribbons are fun, or get creative and use some left-over temporary tattoos if you have them. We also love this idea for personalizing your eggs with your children’s names.

More Fun Crafts

Crafts aren’t just fun. They’re also sneaky ways to get your children to develop their fine motor skills, manual dexterity and hand-eye-coordination – all areas that will serve them well. Sitting with your children and working on new tasks also helps them learn and practice new vocabulary, and in the process helps you bond in new and interesting ways. Talk about a win-win-win-win.  So holidays are the perfect excuse to bust out the scissors and glue and get crafting!

We’ve scoured the web to find our favorite Easter craft projects. We love these Sock-Hop Bunnies, made out of odd socks you find lying around. Soft and sweet, your little one will love literally making a new friend. Or give their Teddy Bear a ‘bunny disguise’ to wear over the holiday – this craft is super cute, too. Little children will love the simplicity of tracing and making this Marshmallow Easter Egg (and if marshmallows go ‘missing’ in the process, so be it!), and children of all ages will love making these tasty, colorful Frosted Pretzel Sticks.

Go Take a (Nature) Hike

Everyone loves Easter because everyone loves welcoming Spring – especially after the winter we’ve just had. Take advantage of the warmer weather and go exploring at your nearest park, trail or beach. It’s the perfect opportunity to get your child out, exercising, and learning about the world around her. Start a rock collection, bring home flowers to press, or do some research together before you go and see if you can identify the trees, animals and insects you come across. Either way, we think a Nature Easter Walk is a fun Spring tradition you’ll want to come back to year after year.

Books in Their Basket

Of course everyone wants an Easter basket filled to the brim with candy and chocolates. This year, add something special to the mix, with some Easter books waiting in their baskets, too. Here Comes the Easter Cat, Happy Easter, Mouse!, and The Country Bunny and the Little Gold are some of our favorite Easter stories, but we’re sure any story from their favorite author or series will be loved – and appreciated while they’re crashing from all that sugar.

We hope we’ve given you a little inspiration for ways to make this long weekend fun and memorable. And as always, if you have any questions about our children’s theme beds or accessories, please email our designer, Doug Robinson, at info@fablebedworks.com. Happy Easter!